Ac Repair Services

When your AC isn’t working properly or has stopped working all together, it’s time to look for AC repair. Air conditioner repair services from qualified professionals can identify the problem and have your system working perfectly again as soon as possible. Whether a lack of AC means you and your family find it too hot to sleep or clients can’t stay for meetings in your office because it’s unbearably hot, AC repair is the answer.

Air conditioner faults

AC units can break or fail for a wide variety of reasons. There may be something stuck in the system, a build-up of dirt and grime or an electrical fault. Your faulty AC could also be due to worn-out filters, a broken condenser fan or a burnt-out compressor. Or it may simply start to break down because of old age.

Whatever the cause of your broken AC, the team here at AirKleen Air-conditioning Servicing have the tools and knowledge to get you cool again in next to no time.

AC repair in Gujarat

To repair your AC, a technician will first discuss the problems you’re having with you and then use diagnostic tools to precisely locate the issue. Once the fault has been found, the technician can use their tools and spare parts to repair it and ensure it’s working effectively again. At AirKleen Air-conditioning, all our technicians are highly qualified and experienced, so your AC fault can be identified and fixed quickly and affordably.

In the rare case that the problem can’t be fixed or if the cost of repairs would be more than a new system, your AC system can be replaced. This way you can still have a perfectly functioning air conditioning system in the shortest time possible and for a reasonable price.

If your AC doesn’t have a fault but seems to be running inefficiently, we can clean and tweak it to improve its performance.

Our other AC services

As well as AC repair, we offer all the other services you need to keep your air conditioning system in prime condition. We can perform regular or one-off maintenance, to ensure your air conditioner is always performing well – particularly important in the case of businesses.

Our maintenance tasks include cleaning any filters, fans and pipes and checking the electrical system. We can also show you how to perform basic maintenance tasks to help your AC unit stay in prime condition between our visits.

If you need a new AC unit or system installed, we also provide replacement and installation services. You can have the latest AC technology installed in your home or business, keeping the air a comfortable temperature day-in, day-out, with intuitive smart controls.

AC repair technicians

All our AC repair technician’s partners in Gujarat hold industry-recognized qualifications that prove their technical knowledge. We only hire experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy tradespeople to make sure we always offer our clients a first-class service.

Excellent after service customer care

When you’re getting any work done in your home or business, you want to know that you can trust the tradespeople to treat you and your property with respect. We take pride in our personal, friendly and professional approach to our work; we will always talk to you about any issues with your systems, consult you before making any decisions, and work around your schedule.

Our flexible service means minimum disruption to your business or home life, and prompt service at any time of the day or night.

Fixing your AC problems

When there’s a problem with your air conditioner, it can seem disastrous – especially in the height of summer. But the AC professionals at AirKleen Air conditioning can identify the fault and fix it, ensuring your home or business is kept comfortably cool.

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