If you have a long time un-serviced AC unit in your home or business, it might be time to book in for an AC chemical cleaning!

AirKleen Air conditioning recommends thorough AC chemical Service to ensure that your unit is as clean and smooth-running as possible. To avoid the humid weather and hot days, you definitely need to ensure that your air conditioning is serviced regularly.

What does a chemical AC cleaning do?

An AC chemical Service is a thorough clean of your AC units. A general service will clean and check the moving parts of your AC, but a chemical clean will use professional products to make sure every part of the unit is clear.

A professional AC chemical Service would include:

  • Cleaning of the air-conditioning external front covers/ panels (including side, top and bottom of the AC)
  • Chemical spray cleaning of the air conditioning filters
  • AC chemical cleaning (spray) of the air conditioning blower wheel and fan blade
  • Checking of the air conditioning unit evaporator coils
  • AC chemical cleaning (spray) of the air conditioning unit evaporator coils
  • Cleaning the air conditioning condensation water drainage pan
  • Checking and flushing of the air conditioning condensation water drainage pipe
  • Checking on the operating condition of the air conditioning blower fan motor
  • Checking of the compressor suction and discharge pressure (refrigerant system check)
  • Checking for uncommon noises generated by air conditioning units
  • Checking the operation of major electrical connections for any loose wires

A full AC chemical cleaning service will make sure your unit is hygienic and thorough cleared of any dirt, blockages and dust that may have built up in the unit.

Benefits of AC Chemical Cleaning

Why should you choose an AC chemical cleaning service?

A chemical cleaning service is superior to a general AC servicing in Gujarat as it uses high-quality chemical cleaning products. While a chemical cleaning service may not be necessary as often, ensuring you book in for chemical cleaning services at least once a year will mean your AC unit will keep on running for longer!

Air conditioner chemical cleaning is also highly beneficial if anyone in your home or business suffers from allergies or hay fever. By using chemical products to clean every part of the AC unit, any harmful bugs or dust will be removed, and all contaminants will be appropriately cleared out. By opting for an AC chemical cleaning, you can make sure those air filters are as clean as possible and make the air you breathe cleaner!

AC chemical cleaning is extremely affordable at Airkleen Air conditioning

If you’re looking to book in for a chemical AC clean, the good news is that it’s very affordable! At AirKleen Air conditioning, we make sure we bring you highly competitive prices for all of our services, chemical cleaning included!

The only extra costs you may incur are topping up of your AC gas, but we’ll make sure to let you know beforehand! At these prices, a chemical AC clean is extremely affordable for your home or business.